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Electronic key

This logic circuit turns on a relay by pressing four keys in the correct order. The circuit works by a CD4017 counter and a combination of logic gates. At the start condition the CD4017 counter turns on the first output, which is connected to the first gate of the CD4081 integrated circuit. By pressing the correct key (P1) both inputs of that logic gate take the high level. The pin 3 of the CD4081 gate, then the pin 1 of the CD4072 gate turns on and activates the clock relay K1, which keeps on for about 0,5 seconds due to the capacitor (the key should not be pressed for a longer time).
Once the last key is pressed the relay K3 turns on. The logic counter backs to the start condition by pressing any key. The CD4030 integrated circuit consists of 4 EXOR logic gates. Each of them has two inputs: the first one is connected to a key, the second one is connected to an output of the CD4081 integrated circuit. If a wrong key is pressed the inputs of the related EXOR gate take a different level, so the output turns on and activates the reset relay K2 by pin 13 of the logic gate CD4072. The circuit has been tested with a 9Volts battery. If you use a power supply a debounce filter may be required on the clock pin of the counter.

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